Kitchen Complete

We can finally check off one room at the Fetch Ranch as being complete.  That’s right, aside from installing some cabinet hardware and a little decor, the kitchen is DONE.  We worked tirelessly many, many weekends and more than a few evenings to tackle this room and take it from 1987 to 2013.  We basically removed everything from the room and started with a blank slate.  But as a reminder, here is where we started on a cold day in January.
kitchen-hallway to kitchen-beforeEnjoy the following before and after presentation.  We’ll just let the pictures do the talking.  We are super proud of the way things turned out, especially considering we did about 98% of the work ourselves (including creating a huge trench in the middle of the cement slab for the new water lines.)  Hope you like it!
kitchen-hallway to kitchen-afterYou’ll see that there is no longer a wall dividing the kitchen from the eating area and family room.  It really opens the space.
kitchen-pantry to stove-before
kitchen-pantry to stove-afterHere’s a better look at that wall we removed.
kitchen-facing fridge-before
kitchen-facing fridge-after
kitchen-fridge wall-before
kitchen-fridge wall-afterWe relocated the fridge to the right a little and replaced the pantry bifold door with a standard interior door. Love it!
kitchen-to family room-before
kitchen-to family room-afterNotice the pantry wall?  Yeah, we’re pretty excited about that!  The “before” was a completely unused area that really didn’t make much sense to us, so we incorporated it into the kitchen and added to our storage space.  Take a look at the transformation…
kitchen-pantry wall-before
kitchen-pantry wall-afterWe ordered our cabinets from Cabinet Giant based on reviews we read online.  They were great to work with and made the ordering process very easy.  We sent them measurements and what we’d chosen for the space, then they tweaked it and made a few recommendations.  They sent us a graphic rendering of the space which made us giddy about the project we were about to take on.  cabinet giant rendering

We were able to take advantage of a cabinet sale they had going on and purchased an upgraded cabinet style for less than what the less-than-premium version would have been.  We did have to put the cabinets together.  That was a little challenging and time consuming but after doing a few, we got the hang of it.

Hope you enjoyed the tour of our new kitchen.  We are so grateful to have it finished and have such a nice space to cook in!