Where Did October Go?

It seems like just a little blip on the radar!  October rushed in and out in what seemed like a matter of days.  During the month, we managed to sneak away for a quick weekend trip to St. Augustine.  I’m glad we did because it will be our last for a while.  We managed quite a few other activities during the month as well.

Early in the month, we attended a company picnic.  The kids played kickball, corn hole, and even did some face painting.  In fact, Jessa helped with some of the younger kids.  She is so creative and talented.
IMG_3758Later that weekend, Jessa and Joel had their first bee lesson from dad.
IMG_3764Mali came over to check out all the excitement.
IMG_3783Joel helped to get the extra hive boxes painted for future use.
IMG_3813Jessa and a friend were required to complete a project for science class.  They created a cell analogy in the form of a giant cookie!  They did a great job on it, but mostly they enjoyed eating all the extra toppings!

IMG_3824The chickens went a little crazy this month.  They started laying their eggs all over the place and our egg supply starting dwindling.  So, they’ve been confined to their coop for most of the day until we get 5-7 eggs, then they can roam free for a few hours.
IMG_3792 If you ask Jessa and Pearl what the best part of October was, they’d tell you it was adding Mini to the family.  I’m not sure who is more excited, but having a pouncy, bouncy kitten around is pretty entertaining.
IMG_3811And as October rounded to a close, the excitement of Halloween was in the air.  The kids and their friends carved pumpkins and we added a few other decorations to make it feel a little festive.
IMG_3853Jessa decided to dress up as an adorable gangster and went trick-or-treating and then to a neighborhood party with her friends.
IMG_3846We didn’t have any trick-or-treaters this year, which means we have a ton of candy that someone is going to need to eat!  We also made some candied apples for those of us who stayed in on Halloween.  They were delicious!
IMG_3855So that’s October in a nutshell!  I hope November slows down just a little even if just to enjoy the change in the weather.   The air has gotten much cooler…so much so that we haven’t had the air conditioning on in about 2 weeks!  Not too bad for Florida.


Am I Blue?

…No I’m not!  But our latest egg is!!
IMG_3588That means the youngest chicken is finally laying!  Now all 7 of our girls are producing eggs.
IMG_3339Today was a record breaking day at the Fetch Ranch…6 eggs in one day.  The blue egg is so tiny compared to the others.
IMG_3590They’ll get bigger over time.  The egg on the left is most likely a double-yolker.  We get those frequently.  They look gigantic next to the others.  I learned recently that the eggs distributed to stores get rejected if they have a double yolk.  Seems odd.  We think they’re great.  Super excited that all the girls are producing eggs for us!  We’re so proud.

Hey There Lonely Girl

The circle of life has happened again…one of our chicks disappeared.  Sadly, it was one of the two Ameraucanas.  These two really stuck together.  They were great partners.  We kept them separate from the larger chicks until they were old enough to fend for themselves.  Chickens are fairly territorial and establish a pretty significant pecking order.  These two were at the bottom of the peck list so they just kept to themselves and didn’t really bother the big chicks too much.
IMG_2955This picture above was taken before they joined the others.
IMG_3339Our chicks free range almost every day.  And every night they return to their coop to sleep.  On the night the little chicken disappeared, the pair had not made it back into the coop.  We searched all around for them but didn’t find them.  We assumed since they can gain a little more air than the others that they must’ve tucked themselves safely away on a tree branch somewhere.  Unfortunately, they must not have been safe enough and one fell prey to a greater force.  So sad.  The next morning, only one emerged.

Around the other group of chicks, she is treated like the outcast…like the little sister trying desperately to fit in with the teenage sister and her cool friends.  It’s difficult to capture in a picture the sadness I feel for her.  She lost her partner and now is sort of a loner.  As funny as it sounds, I want to pick her up and hug her.  I want to scold the big girls for not welcoming her into their clique.
IMG_3332She seems content and is happy to run in their shadows.  But we are sad for her loss and just want her to be accepted.  She runs along behind the others as if she’s yelling, “Hey guys!  Wait for me!!”
IMG_3348Soon she’ll join the others in laying some eggs.  Hers should be blue and will again set her apart from the others.  Maybe they will envy her and move her up in the ranks.  Until then, we will keep hoping for her acceptance into the group so she doesn’t have to play alone.