The Universe Speaks Again

When we got Mali Moo, we thought our next cow would be her calf (which is due in March).  We had no idea that the universe had other plans for us…but when the universe presents us with opportunities, we try to just go with it.  And so far, that plan has been working for us!

So when the universe said “Hey, want another cow?!,” we quickly agreed and brought home a playmate for Mali.
IMG_4377Gracie is 7 years old and is a Guernsey like Mali.  They have spent some time getting to know each other and are learning to share their hay and grass.  Gracie calved in November so as soon as we got her we had to dive right into milking!  We milk Gracie each night, and all of us have taken turns, even the kiddos!
IMG_4394We tried milking by hand a couple of times, but since Gracie is used to a machine (and that machine is super quick!) we’ve resorted to using the milk machine for her.  Once Mali calves we’ll probably hand milk her since she’s never been exposed to the machine.

Gracie is very friendly and likes to look at us through the window.  She calls out to us and loves when we give her attention.  Sometimes, she does tricks without even realizing it!
IMG_4383It’s like she’s saying, “Hey!  Check out the size of my udder!”

On her first milking with us, Gracie was kind enough to offer up close to 2 gallons of milk!  What a good girl!


Best Buddies

Last month, Jessa got a kitten from one of our neighbors.  She named her Mini and Mini has been a lot of fun for everyone, especially Pearl.  They have developed a fast and playful friendship.  They do well playing together and getting into trouble together.  But there are some really cute moments, too, where they actually cuddle together…
photo 1
photo 3
photo 4Pearl has become very good at sharing…
SHARINGOur mail carrier must’ve sensed that Pearl was being a good big “sister” and left her a treat at the door…
DOG BONEWhat a sweet little friendship that is blossoming.

What’s All the Buzz About?

If you walk out into our front yard, you can hear a gentle hum.  It’s not threatening or ominous but quite melodious and calming.  It’s the sound of several thousand bees buzzing around our yard busy doing their thing so we can enjoy properly pollinated plants, fruits, and veggies as well as some honey!

You might remember that back in May, Mr F and I attended a bee keeping class.   We learned quite a bit including that it would be best to wait until September to start a hive of our own.  We finally picked them up about 2 weeks ago and they’ve been happily getting adjusted ever since.  We checked on them a few days ago and they seem to be thriving in their new area.

(The queen bee is the one with the red dot in the photo above.)
We’ve been really fascinated by the nature of how they operate–each bee has its own tasks and responsibilities and together they all make up a highly functional little factory.  And look, they’re already making honey (the sealed pale yellow hexagons are honey)!  They’ll eat that through the cooler months and then we’ll add a top layer to collect some for ourselves.
IMG_3739We certainly have a lot to learn but they are pretty self-sufficient and don’t require too much attention.  Unlike this friendly young lady who thinks she’s a puppy and is constantly trying to jump in our laps!
IMG_0759Well, that’s the latest addition to the Fetch Ranch.  We’ve got a couple of other things in the works so check back soon.