DIY: Repurposed Tray

On a recent trip to a local thrift store (on the hunt for some wooden frames) I came across this adorable little tray.  It had so much potential and for only $3.00 I just couldn’t pass it up.  I had big plans to gussy her up a bit!
IMG_3273No doubt, someone spent some time doing this sweet cross-stitch project.  While it was cute, I had something else in mind.  The bottom portion of the tray is removable once the screws are taken out.  And there is a piece of glass covering whatever you place in the bottom.

I took everything apart and cleaned it with some vinegar and water to eliminate any grime or funky smell.  Then I sanded all the wood surfaces and spray painted them with a gloss white.  I selected a summery sheet of paper to replace the cross-stitch craft.  And here’s how my little tray looks now.
IMG_3354Whoops!  Photo-bomb courtesy of Miss Pearl.  Okay, here’s what it really looks like…
IMG_3358Maybe a before and after will be more impressive…

Tray collageSo much brighter and prettier, right??  And wouldn’t that bottom portion be so cute with a Christmas print around the holidays?!  I am excited to play with the possibilities.


DIY: Fabric Covered Corkboard

Here I go again, getting in touch with my crafty side…

I’d purchased a cork board for our office several months ago.  And it sat, wrapped in its plastic cover all those months not doing anything but collecting dust.  We moved in January but haven’t gotten around to hanging too much on the walls.  So, Miss Jessa, took it upon herself to hang some stuff up in her room.  When we saw her “art” we knew we needed to act quickly to give her something cute to hang all her i-must-tape-this-to-my-wall masterpieces.  Lemme tell you, this girls loooves some scotch tape.
IMG_3052I remembered we had the corkboard but it just looked so office-like and not suitable for a preteen’s room.
IMG_3051Using the colors in her room, I purchased some cute and colorful fabric and ribbon and set out to gussy this puppy up!  First, I cut the fabric to cover the cork portion of the board while leaving the black frame exposed.
IMG_3049My lovely assistant was close by to lend a hand.  Next, I ironed the fabric to remove any creases.
IMG_3054Then, I taped off the frame of the cork board, took it outside, and sprayed it with spray adhesive.  You have to move pretty quickly with the adhesive or it tends to lose its stickiness.  In fact, I did have to do some touch ups with the spray while applying the fabric to the cork.
IMG_3056Once the fabric was in place, I trimmed the ribbon I’d purchased to match each edge of the frame (measure on the inside of the black frame.)  The ribbon was glued in place with a hot glue gun.  This was to mask any crazy, not-so-straight fabric edges…well, that and it just looked cuter this way…
IMG_3097And here’s the finished product…
IMG_3210It took Jessa all of about five minutes to completely cover her board with treasures!  So cute…and it sure beats bits of scotch tape all over the walls!

Craftier Than I Thought

I have never been too crafty…a little creative, maybe.  But crafty?  Um, no.  I found it much easier to just buy things when I liked them and only knew about DIY from watching Trading Spaces on HGTV.  And since I always thought those rooms were horrible I just didn’t jump on the DIY bandwagon….until now!  We’ve been busy updating the Fetch Ranch, and around the property I have found some random items that have me thinking, “Hmmm, maybe I could do something with that!”

Here’s an example…

This little gem was left on the front porch.
IMG_2922A little worn, a little rusty, a little dirty, and in need of a little love.  I walked past it every day doing nothing with it but knowing that it was meant to be more.  And then I saw these in my Joss & Main email one day…
joss and main terrarium inspirationIn a former life I would have just purchased these bad boys and tossed that other hunk of rust in the trash.  But, these were a mere $179 (or something close to that) for the set!  Gasp.

Well, I might not have a set of two, but I did have one fixer-upper that needed my attention.  I gave it a good washing.  And then I sanded off some of that rust…
IMG_2923and followed that with a smidge of paint.
IMG_3116Pretty cute, huh?  And the cost?  $0 thank you very much!  This little item is currently living in our newly completed foyer.
IMG_2926So there’s a little trash to treasure for ya!  Sadly, a lot of stuff around here is not quite as salvageable.  We’ve been doing quite a bit of clean up and will continue to update on our progress.