Ski Vacation 2014

I can’t believe we are at the end of January and so far this year I’ve managed to post zero entries here.  I am making a personal goal to get back in to the swing of things and post more regularly.

For now, please enjoy some photos of our annual ski trip!  The kids had a couple days off from school so we headed back to the slopes.  We’ve gone to the same resort for the past 3 years.  Everything is so convenient.  We are all fairly comfortable with the slopes.  And it’s just such a beautiful place!  Last year it snowed like crazy and was brutally cold…this year, the skies remained clear (bad when you need new snow) and the temps were pretty moderate.
IMG_4356Jessa and I got forced a little braver and made it to The Summit (black diamond) with the boys.  The Summit is the highest peak at this resort at over 10,000 ft.  How we made it down, I’ll never know.  Probably should’ve recorded that.
IMG_4350Smores are a nice warm treat after a day of skiing.  This type of activity brings on a whole new level of tired!!
IMG_4369Here’s a look at last year’s picture…look how much Jessa and Joel have grown!
IMG_2637When we returned home last year, we dove right in to a kitchen renovation.  We weren’t far from that this year.  Last weekend we began the addition of built-in cabinets in the dining area.  More to come soon!



Another Year Better

My sweet husband made another trip around the sun!  Last Saturday marked the annual event.

Jessa started the day off right by creating a festive birthday banner!
dad bday bannerWe celebrated with a trip to the movies and a sushi dinner then came home for ice cream and cake!
IMG_3906Happy Birthday Handsome/Dad/Babe/Glenn!!  You are the best!!

Lettuce See What Happens

While perusing youtube and the internet, Mr F found that you can regrow your own lettuce with just water…and the left over lettuce bottom.  Well, we decided to give it a try just to see what would happen.

We bought some romaine and green leaf for salads and reserved the bottom stalk.  We actually left these in the fridge for a few days before testing this.  As instructed, we placed the lettuce bottoms in a shallow dish with a little water (about 1/4″).  Here is a glimpse of what they looked like on day 1:
IMG_3270Surprisingly, we actually noticed growth the very next day!  We got excited!  One week later, it looked like this:
Looks like about enough lettuce to top a sandwich, right?  My excitement faded shortly after this.  This was the most significant growth we saw, and then I got tired of looking at this on the counter every day so we trashed the project.  It was pretty cool that it worked and maybe with a little more patience you could stick it out for a whole new head of lettuce.  We decided to just purchase more at the grocery store…or maybe we’ll grow some in the garden once cooler weather gets here.