Merry Christmas 2014

After a very long (much too long) hiatus, the Fetch Clan is back!  As much as we enjoy documenting our activities, it’s the many activities that keep us too busy to post.  Our goal for 2015 is to provide weekly updates.  There…I said now it’s out there in the universe and I need to keep up with that goal.

Christmas 2014 has come and gone.  Our Christmas week was a blur but we did manage to enjoy the day with a delicious Christmas meal, gift exchanging, and cookie eating!  Here’s a quick glimpse…
I need to post these cookie recipes!  They are our favorites…jam sandwich cookies, snickerdoodles, and eggnog cookies.  The eggnog cookies were a new addition this year and they quickly became a favorite!  We’ve already had requests to make them again next year.

We’ve added some new faces to the Fetch Ranch.  In the first photo, take a close look at what the kids are holding.  Yep, GOATS!  We got 2 Nigerian Dwarf goats several weeks ago.  They are adorable!  Since they’re so young and small, they are living indoors while we bottle feed them for a few weeks.

The kiddos were excited to finally get iPhones.  According to them, they are the last teens on the planet to get smartphones!


The excitement of the season for us was bittersweet as we said goodbye to Bob/Dad/Poppy just before the holidays.  Rest in peace.  We love you…you’ll be missed.


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