Happy Birthday Jessa!

Later this week, Jessa will say good bye to being a tween and hello teen years!  She celebrated this weekend by having a few friends over for a blue-and-red themed sleepover.  Who knows why it’s called a sleepover….those silly girls were still up at 3:30am giggling and chatting!  There are bound to be some naps in order this afternoon.
IMG_4665We made sure the girls had lots of things to do so no one could say “I’m bored!”  In case you are ever in need of ideas for a teen girl’s birthday, here’s what we planned:
PROPS!  We left lots of funny glasses, hats, and novelty items around just to keep them laughing and entertained.  They even put on skits using the props.

IMG_4660HATS! Markers and plain birthday hats were left out so the girls could decorate their own.
IMG_4681GAMES!  The girls searched for safety pins in a bowl of rice.  Much harder than it sounds but they had fun trying.
IMG_4673They also played Telestrations, which is really fun!  We blew up a beach ball with questions written on each segment.  They tossed it around the room and whatever segment their right thumb landed on was the one they had to answer.  Truth or dare was of course played throughout the night.  We also had the girls decorate their own cupcakes.  There may have been more icing just squeezed into their mouths than on the cupcakes, but they seemed to have a good time nonetheless!
IMG_4695Happy Birthday Jessa!!

Jessa’s birthday weekend got off to an exciting start with an additional birthday….the arrival of Mali’s calf Milo on Friday night.  Please check out the new Fetch Ranch tab at the top ribbon to read more about our homestead activities!


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