Merry Christmas This Year

How quickly time flies these days.  We just had Thanksgiving, which I never posted about, and now Christmas has come and gone.  I figured I’d better get something on here about that before we head into 2014.

We made a trip to a nearby Christmas tree farm to pick out our tree this year.  You can cut your own tree which is really unusual for Florida but we opted for one that was already prepped and ready to go.  It’s a Scotch pine and very pretty, but the needles which seem to prefer the floor to the branches of the tree, are long and very sharp!
photo 2Mini was intrigued by all things Christmas tree, especially the lights…
IMG_3958Once we got the lights on the tree, the kids had fun filling it with all the decorations.  The finished product looks great!
IMG_3997Little Miss Crafty helped make some Christmas decorations…Christmas ornament garland.
photo 4
photo 3Christmas day was fun-filled and very exciting for everyone.  Just look at these faces…
IMG_4020The rest of the day was spent exploring all the great gifts we received.  Since we had a nice Christmas dinner on Christmas eve, we had a delicious quiche for breakfast which I will definitely post the recipe for very soon.  With all the eggs we get from our little chickens it’s nice to find an egg dish everyone likes!
IMG_4002Merry Christmas from the Fetch Ranch!


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