Yard Progress

In January of this year, we moved into a new-to-us house.  We love its location and are thrilled to have lots of space to accommodate our farm animals.  We spent some time initially updating things on the inside (like the kitchen and flooring.)  We’ve been doing some significant work to the outside too which we’ll update at some point once it gets presentable enough to share the dramatic results.

In the meantime, we like to take pride in the small changes that can make a big impact as well.  So, here’s a look at a portion of the back section of our property closest to the house.  We like to think of it as a “less-is-more” type of change.
back yard before-afterWe removed some things that we didn’t need or want and trimmed down the existing shrubs that were about to scale the roof.  To the left of the screened patio, you’ll note much less foliage around the fence.  Here’s a look from the same side but facing the house.

rear facing house before-afterAmazing what trimming a few hedges can do.  Even more impressive is the change since our fiasco from our first day here.  We basically started out with a bunch of dirt in this area…
IMG_2479Lastly, take a look from the other side…
rear facing west before-afterWe are planning many more changes to the exterior, but we feel like the changes will be easier if we can just start with a blank slate.  So while it’s not exactly like we want it just yet, we’ve made a lot of progress and are well on our way to making things better.  Stay tuned…

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