Fall Garden 2013

Fall is just around the corner and we couldn’t be more excited.  Even in muggy-100%-humidity-on-most-days-sunny Florida we’ve detected a bit of fall in the air.  Today in fact a cold front has moved through and temperatures are all the way down to 89 degrees!  Brrrr…..Break out the parkas!

Needless to say, with those ridiculously hot and humid summer days, our garden was forced to take a sabbatical.  The sun and heat would just burn up anything we put in the ground.  So, we let the garden go for a couple of months.  And by let it go, I mean it looked like this…
IMG_3636The weeds and grass just grew out of control and, frankly, even thinking about mowing in there made us want to hide under the covers and never come out!    Keep in mind, this is what it has the potential to be:
IMG_3199The hope of fresh broccoli and other yummy vegetables helped to get us motivated to transform things again.

IMG_3691After combatting the grass and weeds that had grown between the beds, we opted to cover the garden in mulch.  We killed off all that grass first, lined it all with weed barrier, and then covered that with the mulch.  We hope this will alleviate the chore of maneuvering the lawn mower through those tight spaces.  *Fingers crossed!*  Looks better, right?

And without all the grass and weeds growing within the beds, we could make room for our fall crops.
IMG_3642We started some seeds on September 7 and within a week most of them had germinated.  When we finished the garden prep, they were ready to be transferred.
IMG_3693Here’s a look at the layout of the beds for fall.
Fall Garden 2013We’ll keep you posted on the progress!  Now, bring on the cooler temps!!

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