Pearl Dons Mascara

Our puppy Pearl is a darling little pup.  She is full of personality and super smart!  We marvel every day at the new tricks she picks up.  However, the stunt she pulled over the weekend did not have us singing her praises.

Pearl is a miniature schnauzer and she has these adorable little eyelashes.
eyelashesAfter working all day in the blazing sun to get our garden ready for some fall veggies, we decided to treat ourselves to dinner out.  Off we went for some sushi.  We returned a couple hours later to find this…
IMG_3686If you can’t quite detect the problem, maybe this will help…
pearl mascaraYep, that’s right, Pearl rummaged through Jessa’s room to find a tube of mascara and applied it to her beard and front paws.  Somehow she missed her eyelashes.  What a mess!  Thankfully, no rugs or furniture were harmed in this incident.  Pearl is now forbidden to wear any makeup.

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