Busy is Good

The Fetch Ranch has just been hopping with activity lately.  Let’s catch up!

Joel had a birthday last weekend…15 already!
IMG_3556He asked for a bunny and will be getting one in a couple of weeks.  In the meantime, Joel and his dad prepared for the bunny’s arrival by building it a nice little home…

IMG_3562Pearl was close by to lend a paw hand if needed.
IMG_3570The best part of turning 15 is getting your learner’s permit so you can learn to drive.  Well, Joel aced that test this week and got to experience getting behind the wheel!  (Look out world!!)
Joel permitMemom and Poppy visited with us this week.  It was so nice to have them here!  It took Pearl a while to warm up but I think she eventually gave in.
IMG_3544Mali got some extra attention this week too…
Joel on MaliWe’ve gotten lots of rain this week, but have also had some beautiful sunsets.
IMG_3577Well, after a nice relaxing weekend, tomorrow is the first day of another busy week.

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