Malinda Moo

We have had quite the cow fascination with our raw milk, feeding a neighboring calf, getting fresh beef--so much so that we bought our own.  Take a look at the newest addition to the Fetch Ranch….Malinda Moo.
IMG_3473“Mali” arrived at our home on July 5 after traveling from the Chupp Farm in Oklahoma.  We were so excited for her to get here.  She is a one year old registered Guernsey and is most likely pregnant with her first calf.  She should give birth sometime next March.  We are so looking forward to fresh milk, making butter, sour cream, cream…the list goes on.  Mr. F has been reading and studying every night about Guernseys and about all the things we’ll be doing with a daily supply of milk.  The kids are really excited about her too and are treating her like a family pet.  Today she even got a little bath.
IMG_3480Malinda Moo is very friendly and enjoys being around us.  She runs over to the corner of the fence and moos at us when we head back into the house.
IMG_3483Sherry is not as enamored with her as the rest of the family.  She seemed to be really interested at first, running around, kicking up her heels, sniffing Malinda.  But when we put them together she got a little aggressive so we separated the two for now.  Maybe a little introductory warming up period is in order.  Hopefully one day they can be friends.

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