Spring Garden 2013 – Done

Since it’s officially summer and officially hot and humid, we are calling the spring garden done.  While we were initially excited to start our garden at our new house, we have since become a little disenchanted with its performance.

We started with a blank slate…
IMG_2944We planted to our hearts’ content and then waited about 8-10 weeks for produce production…
Spring Garden 4-15-13Everything really took off and we were hopeful that we would get tons of fruits and vegetables!
garden 5-24-13But then we had rain…lots of it.  Some rain is good.  Too much can ruin a good thing.
IMG_3383 And we had bugs.  Bugs who like to eat.  They ate our cucumbers and our squash.  They even ate our lima beans and green beans.  We never even ate a single lima!
IMG_3384The sweet potatoes are going strong and look quite vibrant!  Jessa’s carrots are doing well too but we’ll let them “cook” a little longer.
We thought at one point that our butternut squash were just done (after determining that they might have developed powdery mildew); but, just this week, the leaves have perked back up and this little gem appeared!
IMG_3386So here’s a recap of our Spring Garden and what worked and what didn’t:

  • Tomatoes – took forever to ripen and then the leaves turned brown and the fruit just turned to mush; may have salvaged one or two tomatoes but the flavor wasn’t that great.
  • Lima Beans – eaten by bugs/caterpillars/critters.
  • Cucumbers – harvested about 6 cukes; many destroyed by pickle worms; some that were harvested had a spongy texture (unedible).
  • Yellow Squash – harvested quite a few (15-20) but many had more of a gourd-like appearance rather than a tender yellow squash; in the end they were also destroyed by pickle worms.
  • Green Bush Beans – harvested a handful of beans off one plant then no more grew; we think these were also eaten by caterpillars.
  • Butternut Squash – many were produced but the plants appeared to develop powdery mildew; we let them grow on the vine as long as possible before bringing them in.
  • Cantaloupe – these took forEVER to grow; a few fruits started to grow to about softball size but then turned to mush and had to be tossed; did not get even one cantaloupe to taste.
  • Carrots – doing well and are edible; letting them get a little larger before harvesting.
  • Sweet potatoes – last thing we planted (a few weeks after everything else) and they are doing well; we’ve seen a few flowers; no potatoes yet.

We had a late freeze this year which kept us from planting early; well, that and we just weren’t ready to start gardening after a move and kitchen renovation.  Our plan next spring is to get an earlier start by starting seedlings inside before transplanting to the garden.  It’s really too hot to grow much of anything in the Florida summer.  We’ll take a break and start up again in the early fall.  We are looking forward to broccoli and greens!!

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