DIY: Repurposed Tray

On a recent trip to a local thrift store (on the hunt for some wooden frames) I came across this adorable little tray.  It had so much potential and for only $3.00 I just couldn’t pass it up.  I had big plans to gussy her up a bit!
IMG_3273No doubt, someone spent some time doing this sweet cross-stitch project.  While it was cute, I had something else in mind.  The bottom portion of the tray is removable once the screws are taken out.  And there is a piece of glass covering whatever you place in the bottom.

I took everything apart and cleaned it with some vinegar and water to eliminate any grime or funky smell.  Then I sanded all the wood surfaces and spray painted them with a gloss white.  I selected a summery sheet of paper to replace the cross-stitch craft.  And here’s how my little tray looks now.
IMG_3354Whoops!  Photo-bomb courtesy of Miss Pearl.  Okay, here’s what it really looks like…
IMG_3358Maybe a before and after will be more impressive…

Tray collageSo much brighter and prettier, right??  And wouldn’t that bottom portion be so cute with a Christmas print around the holidays?!  I am excited to play with the possibilities.

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