School’s Out for Summer

Jessa and Joel were beyond excited that Wednesday was the last day of school!  But before the last school bell rang this year, Jessa attended her first middle school dance.  We spent several days shopping and prepping as girls love to do…Jessa even got her nails and toes done for the occasion.
jessa nails for dance 6th gradeAnd while Jessa was getting pampered, Joel was next door getting a much needed haircut.
Joel haircut June 2013 9th gradeJessa looked adorable for the dance – it was a Black & White Party.  It was all we could do to keep Dad from accidentally chaperoning the event!
IMG_3290This little lady has tons of rhythm and showed everyone up on the dance floor!  She jumped in the car and screamed, “I just won the dance competition!!”  Her rosy cheeks and happy spirit let us know she had a fantastic time!
IMG_3288So, now that school is out, these two are spending a few days at home before heading to a week at camp.  After that, who knows…we’ll find something to keep them busy.

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