Hey There Lonely Girl

The circle of life has happened again…one of our chicks disappeared.  Sadly, it was one of the two Ameraucanas.  These two really stuck together.  They were great partners.  We kept them separate from the larger chicks until they were old enough to fend for themselves.  Chickens are fairly territorial and establish a pretty significant pecking order.  These two were at the bottom of the peck list so they just kept to themselves and didn’t really bother the big chicks too much.
IMG_2955This picture above was taken before they joined the others.
IMG_3339Our chicks free range almost every day.  And every night they return to their coop to sleep.  On the night the little chicken disappeared, the pair had not made it back into the coop.  We searched all around for them but didn’t find them.  We assumed since they can gain a little more air than the others that they must’ve tucked themselves safely away on a tree branch somewhere.  Unfortunately, they must not have been safe enough and one fell prey to a greater force.  So sad.  The next morning, only one emerged.

Around the other group of chicks, she is treated like the outcast…like the little sister trying desperately to fit in with the teenage sister and her cool friends.  It’s difficult to capture in a picture the sadness I feel for her.  She lost her partner and now is sort of a loner.  As funny as it sounds, I want to pick her up and hug her.  I want to scold the big girls for not welcoming her into their clique.
IMG_3332She seems content and is happy to run in their shadows.  But we are sad for her loss and just want her to be accepted.  She runs along behind the others as if she’s yelling, “Hey guys!  Wait for me!!”
IMG_3348Soon she’ll join the others in laying some eggs.  Hers should be blue and will again set her apart from the others.  Maybe they will envy her and move her up in the ranks.  Until then, we will keep hoping for her acceptance into the group so she doesn’t have to play alone.


DIY: Repurposed Tray

On a recent trip to a local thrift store (on the hunt for some wooden frames) I came across this adorable little tray.  It had so much potential and for only $3.00 I just couldn’t pass it up.  I had big plans to gussy her up a bit!
IMG_3273No doubt, someone spent some time doing this sweet cross-stitch project.  While it was cute, I had something else in mind.  The bottom portion of the tray is removable once the screws are taken out.  And there is a piece of glass covering whatever you place in the bottom.

I took everything apart and cleaned it with some vinegar and water to eliminate any grime or funky smell.  Then I sanded all the wood surfaces and spray painted them with a gloss white.  I selected a summery sheet of paper to replace the cross-stitch craft.  And here’s how my little tray looks now.
IMG_3354Whoops!  Photo-bomb courtesy of Miss Pearl.  Okay, here’s what it really looks like…
IMG_3358Maybe a before and after will be more impressive…

Tray collageSo much brighter and prettier, right??  And wouldn’t that bottom portion be so cute with a Christmas print around the holidays?!  I am excited to play with the possibilities.

Lettuce See What Happens

While perusing youtube and the internet, Mr F found that you can regrow your own lettuce with just water…and the left over lettuce bottom.  Well, we decided to give it a try just to see what would happen.

We bought some romaine and green leaf for salads and reserved the bottom stalk.  We actually left these in the fridge for a few days before testing this.  As instructed, we placed the lettuce bottoms in a shallow dish with a little water (about 1/4″).  Here is a glimpse of what they looked like on day 1:
IMG_3270Surprisingly, we actually noticed growth the very next day!  We got excited!  One week later, it looked like this:
Looks like about enough lettuce to top a sandwich, right?  My excitement faded shortly after this.  This was the most significant growth we saw, and then I got tired of looking at this on the counter every day so we trashed the project.  It was pretty cool that it worked and maybe with a little more patience you could stick it out for a whole new head of lettuce.  We decided to just purchase more at the grocery store…or maybe we’ll grow some in the garden once cooler weather gets here.