Memorial Day Garden Update – 8 weeks

We thoroughly enjoyed having a three day weekend!  We had a “cold” front come through which brought the temperatures all the way down to the mid-80s.  To ward off this cold front and to accompany our Memorial Day burgers, we made a frosty beverage!  It was very refreshing on such a cold day.
1 container limeade concentrate, thawed
2 liters lemon lime soda
cucumber slices
mint, to make your photo pretty

Slice up a few cukes, pour in limeade and soda.  Done.  So easy and so thirst-quenching.  

We’ve been collecting some produce from our garden in the last week!  Yellow squash is growing like crazy!  Squash casserole will be on the menu this week for sure.  We also have harvested quite a few cucumbers (like the one in the punch above!)  Everything else is in full swing too but not quite as ready as the squash and cucumbers just yet.
garden 5-24-13
garden 3 5-24-13
garden 2 5-24-13
Gardening notes to ourselves:
1.  We only need maybe 2 butternut plants.  They spread a lot!!  And spring may be too warm for them to grow.  They started off great, but over the last few days are looking a little parched.  A few have gone bad and the leaves are not looking as full and healthy.
2.  Cantaloups have lots of blossoms but we’ve seen no fruit yet.  These also spread and vine quite a bit and have tried attaching to our sweet potatoes.
3.  Yellow squash gets HUGE!  Allow plenty of room for these.

Lastly, remember these little girls?
IMG_2700Well, guess who’s been busy in the last week??
eggs 5-24-13We were so shocked by their little surprise!!  We were expecting eggs around July.  For kicks, we opened up the nest boxes over the weekend and my husband said “No way!!”  I thought he was kidding around because just the week before we’d cleaned out the coop and there were no eggs.  Those little ladies must be so proud of themselves!  Since finding those, we’ve gotten three more.  So egg-citing!  (Sorry, couldn’t help it.)
chicks lay eggs 5-26-13Have an egg-cellent day!  (Somebody stop me.)

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