Bee Happy

We sincerely hope our wonderful moms had a very nice Mother’s Day!  Sorry you guys live so far away!  Ya know, Florida is not a bad place to live and you never have to deal with snow!!  Plus, you’d be closer to us and what is better than that?!

We have been contemplating getting some bees at the Fetch Ranch…just something Mr. F is interested in.  When we bought our last house it came equipped with its very own bee hive.  Since this was in a deed restricted community with lots o’ home owners regulations we really had no choice but to have them removed by a professional.  Well, that and at the time we had no interest in raising any bees.
hive at apopkaFast forward a couple of years….we now live on 5 acres and have lots of produce growing in our garden and we have more than several fruit trees in the yard.  With that, the interest in the bees has been on the rise.  So, over the weekend we attended a bee keeping class.

IMG_3214Fortunately, they provided some protective gear for us!
IMG_3231We learned that the natural cycle of blossoms and bee activity in Florida makes fall a more optimal time than summer for us to start a hive.  In the meantime, we’ll get an area ready for them and get some more things planted.  

For Mother’s Day, Luna (our indoor cat-turned-outdoor-hunter) decided to leave her present at the front door for me to discover first thing in the morning…
IMG_3212So sweet, right?  Well, I suppose since we have had some mole issues, it was nice of her to try to help with problem.

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