We Found Our Thrill

…and created a blueberry hill!!

That’s right!  We’ve added blueberries to the garden.  We created some space in the garden area across from the other raised beds.
IMG_3030We created another raised bed that is narrower and longer than our veggie raised beds.  This one is 16’x2′.  We lined it to help keep some of the weeds out.
IMG_3031From what we have learned, blueberries can be challenging to grow in Florida.  Mr. F did lots of research to determine which varieties might do well here.  We planted 5 different varieties so we could decide which taste best and which grow well.
blueberries 5-9-13We made a little trip to a blueberry farm near our home and learned a valuable and interesting tip….you don’t plant blueberries in the ground.  At least not here (our soil is very, very sandy.)  You apparently just sit them on top and then surround them with pine bark.  They supposedly like the acidity of the pine bark, and with that in mind we also topped them with peat moss.
IMG_3032So far so good.  They are still alive!  Over the next couple of years, berry production should improve.  I guess this first year they are just settling in.
IMG_3036I already have my heart set on a homemade blueberry cobbler!

2 thoughts on “We Found Our Thrill

  1. We just got 2 little Sunshine Blue blueberry bushes. Iv been doing some reading to see what other varieties we should add to the mix. I’ll be curious to see how the varieties you planted do in our crazy climate.

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