Spring Garden 2013 Update – 5 weeks

Well, our spring garden has been in full swing for just 5 weeks and it is really thriving!  Here’s where we started at the beginning of April…
IMG_2944After just two weeks, we saw plenty of activity!
spring garden 2013 2 weeksAnd this is how things are looking today…
spring garden 5 weeksWe have had a LOT of rain in the last week.  All that moisture has caused things to jump into overdrive!  Oh, and we finally got our sweet potatoes planted since the last update.  Remember we were saving space in the third raised bed for those.  Here’s a look back at the layout:
Garden Layout 4-1-13In all that greenery, we have already started to see some fruit/veggie production!  Fingers crossed the critters stay away and we have a bountiful crop to harvest in the next few weeks…
IMG_3198This last one is a butternut squash!  A butternut?  Yes, butternut!  We’ve never grown this before and are really excited for it to be ready!!  And those tomatoes can’t get here soon enough.  I can taste the fresh mozzarella and home grown tomatoes already!  Yum!!

4 thoughts on “Spring Garden 2013 Update – 5 weeks

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  2. I have garden envy. 🙂
    I think I started things a bit too late in my garden, but live and learn, right?
    Your plants look amazing. We’ve been eating tomatoes and peppers already, but still waiting to see the first cucumber fruit.

    • No envy required. Although it looks lush, the heat has really taken a toll. Not to mention all the bugs that have feasted on our foliage! We need to find a way to treat them organically. We were so hoping for tomatoes but they haven’t done too well. Maybe in the fall… Oh, and our cucumbers were destroyed by pickle worms so beware.

      • Yikes! Yes I’ve already learned a ton about organic and natural pest and disease control, and I still feel clueless. Sorry about your cukes and tomatoes!

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