Bonfire at the Ranch

Last weekend was just delightful!  We actually decided to do not much of anything on Saturday which we haven’t done, well, ever, since moving into the Fetch Ranch.  Admittedly, we felt a little guilty about that but enjoyed it anyway!  On previous weekends we spent some time cleaning up around the yard and had amassed quite a large pile of yard debris and wood scraps that we needed to get rid of.  After four straight days of torrential rains which caused our driveway to look like this…
flooded driveway…we thought it would be a good time to burn our pile of debris once the rain subsided.  Sooo, we had a bonfire!  It was the perfect way to eliminate the trash as well as entertain the kiddos! We roasted hot dogs and made smores.  The weather was just beautiful
IMG_3153After snacking on some greenery, the neighbor’s goats peered at us to check out the action.
IMG_3172Hope you had a nice weekend too!


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