Craftier Than I Thought

I have never been too crafty…a little creative, maybe.  But crafty?  Um, no.  I found it much easier to just buy things when I liked them and only knew about DIY from watching Trading Spaces on HGTV.  And since I always thought those rooms were horrible I just didn’t jump on the DIY bandwagon….until now!  We’ve been busy updating the Fetch Ranch, and around the property I have found some random items that have me thinking, “Hmmm, maybe I could do something with that!”

Here’s an example…

This little gem was left on the front porch.
IMG_2922A little worn, a little rusty, a little dirty, and in need of a little love.  I walked past it every day doing nothing with it but knowing that it was meant to be more.  And then I saw these in my Joss & Main email one day…
joss and main terrarium inspirationIn a former life I would have just purchased these bad boys and tossed that other hunk of rust in the trash.  But, these were a mere $179 (or something close to that) for the set!  Gasp.

Well, I might not have a set of two, but I did have one fixer-upper that needed my attention.  I gave it a good washing.  And then I sanded off some of that rust…
IMG_2923and followed that with a smidge of paint.
IMG_3116Pretty cute, huh?  And the cost?  $0 thank you very much!  This little item is currently living in our newly completed foyer.
IMG_2926So there’s a little trash to treasure for ya!  Sadly, a lot of stuff around here is not quite as salvageable.  We’ve been doing quite a bit of clean up and will continue to update on our progress.

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