When You Walk Through the Front Door

As you know, we have been working diligently around the Fetch Ranch to update it and get things cleaned up and cleaned out since taking it over in January of this year.  A while back we posted about our kitchen renovation and now here is a look at our foyer.

We made some minor structural changes to this space when we were designing our kitchen layout.  We just didn’t like the way this wall blocked the view when you walked through the front door.
foyer-waaaay beforeThis picture was taken waaaay before we even moved in.  And here’s a look toward the front door…
IMG_2511We’d moved in at this point, but hadn’t done much else to the space.

It was hard (for me) to have a vision for what this could be.  Fortunately, Mr F helped us stay focused and push forward with our plan.  And just what was that plan exactly?  Well, we removed that large, protruding wall and then installed a much smaller section of wall that was designed to house our new pantry area.
foyer-after completeThis allowed us to have a much more open feeling upon entering the house, dontcha think?  Since moving in, we have replaced the floors, painted the walls, replaced the light in the foyer, and added a little decor.  We really like the changes…all that’s left for now is to add a colorful rug.
IMG_3113Want to see the befores and afters side by side?  Here ya go..
foyer before after collage from door
foyer collage before after to door

3 thoughts on “When You Walk Through the Front Door

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