Teen Talk Round 2

Teens and pre-teens can be quite comical, sometimes without even trying.  We decided to document some of the more humorous exchanges so we can remember them as the kids grow…and maybe tease them down the road.

Dad:  What do you guys think about raising chicks to sell?

Joel:  I’ll do it if you’ll pay me.

Dad:  I’ll give you a portion of the sales.  You will need to care for the chicks, place an ad for them, and then tell people about your chicks when they are interested in buying them.

Joel:  What about Jessa?

Dad:  She’ll get a percent if she helps out.

Jessa (to Joel):  Yes, I’ll do the percenting because you aren’t very good with people.


Jessa and Joel were sharing some facts while in the car…

Jessa:  Interesting factoid—Did you know that a hurricane destroyed Alabama in 1969?

Joel:  No it didn’t.  Alabama is still there.


Puzzle on Wheel of Fortune:

_ _ _ _R_ _S (activity)

Jessa: Placing…….placing…….ummm………placing…

WOF ContestantPlucking my eyebrows!

Jessa:  Ugh!  I was so close!

Joel:  No you weren’t.


Joel:  Dad, which arm does my watch go on?

Dad:  You’re right handed, so it goes on your left arm.

Joel (holding up left arm):  This one?

Dad:  Is that your left arm?

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