April Flowers

We have had a few April showers already, and hopefully they’ll help our April flowers grow into May flowers.  We’ve gotten our spring garden started and included two 4’x4′ flower boxes for the kids to plant their choice of flowers, fruits, or vegetables.  Over the weekend we let the kiddos pick out what they would like to include in each of their beds.

Jessa opted for a colorful array of flowers like lantana, vincas, and petunias.  She also decided to try her hand at growing some carrots for Sherry, our horse.  She will keep an eye on those and should have some to harvest by mid summer if all goes well.
IMG_2983Joel decided on just a few flowers for his garden.  He chose hydrangeas, hibiscus, and dahlias.  The colors are so pretty!
IMG_2987Of course, Pearl was close by to lend a hand if needed.
IMG_2986We would like to add two more twelve foot beds to the garden as well as some blueberry bushes.  My sweet husband has been researching different varieties that grow well in our area.  Stay tuned for garden updates as it grows.

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