Spring Garden 2013

Since we moved in January, we’ve been working endlessly inside the house to get it cleaned up and renovated.  There is still a lot to do, but we’re really happy that the painting, wood floors, and kitchen are finally done.  Having those things finished freed us up to do a little gardening.  We enjoyed the garden so much at our last house, we were anxiously awaiting the day we could get one started here.  With five acres we have a lot of room to work with.

We chose an area on the west side of the house.  It was partially fenced already and had been used for gardening before.  We spent some time just cleaning up the space to get it ready for planting and repairing some of the fencing to keep any critters out.
garden area beforeWe decided to go with raised beds.  For now, we have three 12’x4′ beds to manage and two smaller 4’x4′ beds that the kids will use to plant their own flowers or veggies.  Fortunately for us, there is a mushroom farm close by so we are able to get really great mushroom compost.  Unfortunately, it is a lot of grueling work to shovel it out of the back of the truck!  Good thing its redeeming quality is that it does wonders for the garden.

load of compost
Once we had the beds built and filled with compost we planted some seeds.  We’d picked up different seeds and a couple of tomato plants recently.  Here’s a look at what we can expect in the next 75-100 days.  Hopefully our little seeds are germinating at this very moment and will poke through the soil by the weekend!
Garden Layout 4-1-13Oh, and we wanted to mark what went where so we utilized some leftover shims from our flooring and pantry door projects and just labeled them with a marker.  IMG_2967
IMG_2966There is rain in the forecast for the next couple of days so let the growing commence!  We’ll document the progress here so stay tuned.


5 thoughts on “Spring Garden 2013

  1. Looks wonderful. A word of advice though, the mint will take over the bed. It sends out underground runners and can end up everywhere. A lot of people bury a large pot to plant it in.

  2. I like your shims. I use bought a bundle of the cedar shims for the hardware store, and use them in our garden. I think they look a little better than the metal one for the catalogs.
    Good luck with your garden this year.

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