Easter Weekend

Our Easter weekend was a little uneventful as far as the actual holiday goes but that doesn’t mean there was not going on as usual around the Fetch Ranch!  We spent a little time on Friday dying eggs.  As the kids get older the process moves pretty quickly…I think my hubby and I were actually the last two sitting at the table – and we dyed the fewest eggs!  Jessa and Joel were interested in getting on to other activities.
IMG_2934The kids were a little disappointed at the prospect of getting a little older not having an Easter egg hunt, so we hid candy filled eggs in various places around their rooms while they were out.  We’d hoped they’d be finding them for weeks, but as we should have guessed, they found them all at once.  Smarties.

The remainder of the weekend included some fence and gate repair and work on our new garden!  We had two small raised beds at our last house and have been very eager to get larger gardens started here since we have so much more room.  So far we have 3 larger 12’x4′ beds with plans for two more and a section of blueberries.  We also added two 4’x4′ beds for Jessa and Joel to plant whatever they’d like.
IMG_2943More on the garden to come as we want to keep a good record of what grows well here.

We spent some time finishing up a small coop for the newer chicks.  The two Ameraucanas are growing quickly, so they needed some more room to spread their little wings.

ameraucanas growingHaven’t they grown a lot in just two weeks?  Here’s their new casa de coop.
IMG_2956We placed them right next to the larger coop so that all the little ladies can learn to get along before joining the two groups.  This small coop will come in handy for future chicks if we decide to add to the brood.  While the older chicks really seem to like their new abode, they have also been participating in a little free ranging as well.
IMG_2964Lastly, Pearl is really becoming quite the farm dog.  She loves picking up sticks and leaves and chasing Luna and the chicks around the yard.  By Sunday she desperately needed a bath after rolling around in some dirt and playing in the sprinklers.
Pearl-12 weeks
IMG_2949So, that’s the latest here.  Hope you had a happy Easter!

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