This is for the Birds

Over the weekend and in preparation for spring’s arrival, we filled our bird feeder and strategically placed it right outside the family room window.
IMG_2890And thank goodness we did!  We have enjoyed a veritable bonanza of bird watching over the last few days.  There is a cute and colorful little cardinal couple who visit regularly…
IMG_2881There are also lots of little sparrows…
IMG_2878and a little jay bird (at least I think it’s a jay….obviously not an expert.)
IMG_2855We have seen several gold finches too.  In fact, one landed on the perch as this post was being typed but I wasn’t quick enough to snap a decent photo.  Oh, and we aren’t the only ones doing some bird watching around here.  This guy showed up yesterday to check out the action.
IMG_2887Happy Spring!

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