A Completed Coop

There is quite a lot going on around the Fetch Ranch.  Each project we start leads to another that leads to another that leads to…well, you get the picture.  We found ourselves in the middle of several heavy duty projects and not enough time to fully complete any of them.  So we took a long weekend and set out to finally check some projects off the list.

What did we do exactly?

  • Finished the chicken coop
  • Bought two more chicks
  • Completed the wood floors
  • Installed molding
  • Cleaned off the front porch
  • Went on a date!

Last weekend we got started on the coop by cleaning out the area where it was to be constructed.  We got the posts in place and the walls and roof erected.  And this is where we left off..

IMG_2810Obviously one of the more important parts was adding chicken wire so our little ladies won’t be harmed by any intruders.  We also added nesting boxes for some much anticipated egg laying this summer, three roosts for the chicks to play or rest on, and paint to fancy up the place.  
This entire project took a full three days but we love the way things turned out…and so do our little chicks!
IMG_2841As I mentioned, we picked up a couple more chicks to add to the group.  They have to get a little bigger before joining the others.  These are Ameraucanas and are known to lay bluish colored eggs.
Finally, here’s a look at the coop progress.
Coop Collage


Today is a special day at our house…
jessa bday

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