A Pearl and a Chicken Coop

Well, what an eventful weekend we had around here!  We got lots of things checked off our to-do list, but it continues to grow; and it seems like the more we do, the more that gets added. One of the most fun things that happened over the weekend was another new addition to the Fetch Ranch…
IMG_2804Meet Minnie Pearl!  She is an 8-week old miniature schnauzer and we are quickly growing very attached.  She had eight other brothers and sisters so she misses them a little at night.  She is extremely well behaved, loves to play, likes to cuddle and enjoys keeping your feet warm.  She is doing a great job with house training and is comfortable with Luna.  Surprisingly, Luna hasn’t warmed up to her as quickly as we have.
IMG_2808We desperately needed to get to work on a chicken coop because the little chicks have grown like crazy over the last three weeks and need more room.  Not to mention, one of the chicks mysteriously disappeared on Saturday.  We were saddened by her disappearance but understand the circle of life.  We keep a watchful eye on the chicks but something must have been watching them a little closer than we were.  This was even more motivation for us to get the coop built this weekend even though we still have so much to do inside the house.
joel with chickenThis is the spot we picked out for the coop.  There was a huge sunflower type plant in the spot where the coop would go so we had to get that out of there.

chicken coop locationThat big pile of sticks on the right is what used to be that big plant.  We loaded that and other debris into the truck and drove it to the back of the property to dispose of it.  Unfortunately, as I drove the truck through the pasture I heard a loud THUMP and this happened…
Yep.  I ran into an unseen hole.  It was covered with dirt but apparently had washed out underneath so I never saw it coming.  Let me tell you, it was a deep hole!  I kept yelling, “I’m in a hole!  I’m in a hole!”
Handsome husband to my rescue!!  He jacked up the truck to get the wheel lifted while I dug out some of the dirt.  About 30 minutes later we were back in business.
It didn’t delay our coop building too much and we spent the rest of the day working on that.  We have a little more to do but the chicks should be in their new home by the end of the week.

2 thoughts on “A Pearl and a Chicken Coop

  1. bhahaha oh man am I laughing about that hole!!!! sounds like something that would happen to me. i can’t believe how big those chicks got! DANG! and pearl is sooooooo ca-ute!!!!!!!

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