Knock on Wood…Floors

In our continued efforts to update the Fetch Ranch, we decided to install wood floors (well, laminate that looks like wood) in the main living areas.  We got to work measuring, purchasing, sawing, cutting, and laying the floors last weekend.  In just two short days we made major progress!

Allow me to digress a moment.  This is what the floors looked like when we moved in.
old tile laminate flooringThey were 12″ tiles-slash-laminate-slash-faux wood squares that were glued to the cement slab.  Probably okay at the time the home was built, but not the look we were going for today.  During the kitchen demo we started their removal by chipping away with a chisel and a hammer.  That lasted for a total of about 8 of the tiles when we realized we’d be working on floor removal for a month if we didn’t come up with a better plan.  Off we went to Home Depot where we rented a machine that vibrates, shakes, scrapes and shimmies the heck out of the glued on tiles and removes any trace of them.  It still took the better part of day to remove them all, but the investment in that tool rental was well worth the savings on our patience and sanity.  We also removed the carpet in one of the front rooms and family room/eating area near the kitchen, along with all the trim in the soon-to-be-renovated zones.
office cementWe were finally able to start installing the wood flooring!  We first put down a moisture barrier and had to trim some of the door frames so the wood fit under it nicely.  Then we snapped, pushed, pulled, and cut our way to happiness.

IMG_2761What we didn’t realize at this point was that we forgot to stagger the slats before installing them.  We got a little over midway through the foyer when we noticed something wasn’t quite right.  Fortunately, we didn’t get any further along than that because we had to pull up the slats and start over.  Minor set back.  Knock on wood (pun intended) that’s the only one.
IMG_2765Jessa was in the next room trying to get caught up on some homework.  When I looked in to check on her, this is what I saw…
IMG_2758Apparently the saw was a tad loud.  Here’s a little sneak peak of the floors taken with our phone that we sent to a couple family members.
wood floors diningWe are more than half-way finished with the installation!  Oh, and our counter tops were installed in the kitchen this week!  Not much longer until some before and after kitchen photos will make their grand appearance!  The transformation is pretty amazing if we do say so ourselves.

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