The Valentine Fairy

The kids woke up on Valentine’s Day morning to find bags of goodies on the table for them.  When they asked who they were from I told them the Valentine Fairy came over night!  They were very excited about their treats.  And when we got ready to have dinner last night, I quietly placed a tiered plate of delicious, homemade cupcakes on the table.  I was asked, “Who made those!?”  Again I told them the Valentine Fairy delivered them.
IMG_2710While the Valentine Fairy was really good to the kiddos, my Valentine surprised me with a gorgeous flower arrangement.  The colors were incredible, and this picture does not depict their true beauty.
IMG_2723Now, knowing that my husband has one heck of a sweet tooth, I surprised him with some salted caramels from Fran’s Chocolates.  I searched around for recommendations for the best salted caramels and found that Fran’s Chocolates came with top ratings.  They did not disappoint!  We dove right into the box (notice the empty spots!) before I could snap a quick photo.  These are some of the best salted caramels we have ever tasted…and we have sampled more than a few!
IMG_2715We were a little late getting dinner on the table since we had to complete a few kitchen projects before cooking.  Yes, we can actually cook on our NEW STOVE!  It’s in place now and ready for action.  After two weeks of sandwiches, pizza, and attempting to cook somewhat healthy meals in our microwave/convection oven, we were ready for something fantastic!  Just the day before, my sweet mom-in-love sent me a new soup recipe.  Since it was cold and rainy out, it was a perfect soup night!


4-5 Italian turkey sausages, casings removed
1 med onion, chopped
6 garlic cloves, minced
4 c chicken broth
2 c water
14 oz can diced tomatoes, undrained
1 large package refrigerated tortellini
6 oz package fresh spinach
2 1/4 tsp chopped fresh basil or 3/4 tsp dried basil
1/4 tsp pepper (I added a little salt too)
a few red pepper flakes if you like a little kick
parmesan cheese for garnish

This is really easy…not to mention a great way to get kids to eat spinach!  Heat large pot or Dutch oven to med high heat.  Crumble in turkey sausage and brown.  (I added a little olive oil first since turkey sticks pretty easily.)  Once turkey is cooked through, add in onions and cook until translucent then add in garlic and cook about a minute more.  Add broth, water, and tomatoes and bring to a boil.  Add tortellini and return to boil.  Cook for about 10 minutes until tortellini is cooked.  Reduce heat and add spinach, basil, and pepper.  Cook 2-3 minutes longer.  Place in bowls and top with a little parm.  This made enough for 6-8 servings.  Quick and easy soup for a chilly night!

Happy Valentine’s Day from the Valentine Fairy!

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