A Hole in the Floor

Kitchen construction is well underway at the Fetch Ranch and we couldn’t be happier with the progress (well, unless we had already progressed to completion!)  We have gotten so much done in a short period of time and have been working very hard.  We started on the kitchen the day after we returned from our Utah ski vacation.  The kitchen was gutted in just one day.  Here’s what we started with on a sunny Thursday morning…

IMG_2659And after much hard work we were left with just the bones.
IMG_2666One of the major changes we planned in the kitchen was the removal of this wall:
IMG_2662The wall basically closed in the kitchen making it feel a little small and too separated from the main living area.  However, just on the other side of this wall lived the kitchen sink and the dishwasher.  Which meant the the plumbing and electrical wiring were housed inside this wall.  While it seemed like a major issue, my husband explained that it would be no problem to relocate both the plumbing and the wiring to another section of the kitchen.  We are planning a large kitchen island, so we needed to move everything to the middle of, you guessed it, a CEMENT slab.  Ugh.  On Friday, we carefully measured and drew out our plan to create a trench in the middle of the room so that new conduit could be run over to the new sink/dishwasher location.  On Saturday, we rented a wet saw.  And on Sunday, we got to work on the trench.

IMG_2673While Mr F sawed his heart out, my job was to use the Shop-Vac to suck up alllllll the water from the wet saw.  Let me tell you, the noise of the saw is deafening (we highly recommend ear plugs), and the amount of water produced was quite overwhelming.  Yeah, I freaked out and panicked that I was going to ruin everything by the flood of water.  I was almost fired from this job but managed to hang in there despite constant, frantic complaining.
IMG_2675It took quite a while to get the trench cut out.  Our first blade broke and had to be replaced.  Then the saw stopped working and also had to be replaced; but by Sunday evening, we definitely had a trench!  In the picture above, you can see chunks of cement off to the side.  My stronger-than-an-ox husband sledge-hammered away at the cement, and then we had to dig out all the little bits and pieces by hand.  We scheduled a little Sunday night date to sit around the trench and complete the arduous task.
IMG_2682And there it is.  Our trench.  It’s hard to tell by the picture, but it is about 16 inches wide and approximately 10 feet long.  Several days later, we had a plumber come out to reroute the drainage and water from the location in the picture above, over to the middle of the room.  My husband was an electrician in a former life and took care of the electrical work.  His talents are many.

After about a week of living with a hole in the floor, we were able to get to work filling it back in.

IMG_2688We packed in the trench with some of the bits, chunks, and pieces we had previously removed and then topped it with new cement.
IMG_2689And then we kept our fingers crossed that no one would accidentally step into the wet cement.  Well, that didn’t last long…
IMG_2691Luna just couldn’t help herself.  Another funny story…once we dug the trench and removed the cement down to the dirt, Luna assumed this was her playground and almost immediately jumped in and used it as her litter box!  Great.  We had to break out a plastic tarp to keep her out of it.  She’s so sneaky.

Finally, we were able to get to work on the fun stuff…cabinets!
IMG_2692Please keep checking in for the transformation.  It’s coming soon!

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