Hot Buttered Popcorn

Mmmmm hot buttered popcorn!  If only this post were truly about that kind of popcorn; alas, I am referring to this:
I guess the walls look sort of buttery.  We decided this would be the first project we would tackle before moving into the new Fetch Ranch…popcorn removal.  Oh sure, we could have hired someone to do this for us; we even had it quoted.  But my darling husband was bound and determined that we could totally handle this one on our own and save a few pennies in the process.  So here’s what it entailed in case you have never had the extreme pleasure of doing this type of work before…
IMG_2386Soak with water and let sit a few minutes.

Then scrape those kernels to your heart’s content.  And when you are finished spraying and scraping and spraying and scraping, you will need to spray and scrape some more until all of that popcorn has been popped removed.IMG_2496
Next comes the fun part.  Sanding.  Keep in mind this entire feat happens above your head.  So after you’ve sprayed and scraped every inch of the ceiling, you must now sand it with a tiny little piece of sandpaper on a stick.

IMG_2395I forgot to mention the importance of prepping the room before starting the removal.  We enlisted the help of our lovely assistants.
IMG_2399Once all the spraying, scraping, sanding, whining and moaning is completed, we then needed to texture and prime the ceiling.  Of course the room had to be thoroughly prepped so that we didn’t get texture spray all over the walls and floors.  This meant that our house looked like an episode of Dexter at times…

Over the course of many a kernel removal we contemplated how long it must really take Dexter to prepare for a murder if he has to tape and drape plastic everywhere.  Seriously, these are the things you start to discuss while scraping your ceilings.  Well, all of that spraying, scraping, sanding, texturing, and painting is finally over and, believe it or not, we didn’t kill each other in the process.  The ceilings look remarkably better now that we’ve brought them into this century and out of 1987.

Lastly, while I played the part of photographer for this episode of Dexter, I mean, the popcorn removal, I did also offer my assistance to my sweet husband for this really grueling task…

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