An Unplanned Project

When we agreed to buy our new home, we knew we were in for lots of projects and renovations.  The house was built around 1987 and just needs a lot of updating.  The layout is great and of course we love the land, but we plan to do some things to make it feel more like us.  What we didn’t plan for was an unforeseen project that would have to be tackled on our FIRST day in the house….yes, the very day after we closed.  Here’s your first clue…


Yeah, doesn’t that look like fun?  Turns out not only did the septic tank need to be pumped, we were also in need of a new drain field.  We are now far more knowledgeable about drain fields and septic tanks than we ever dreamed.  So, to recap our stay in the new house thus far…DAY 1, pump.  DAY 2, dig.  DAY 3, gaze at big pile of dirt in back yard.

septic collageHopefully, that’s the last of the unplanned projects for awhile.  That was a doozie!  Now on to more fun things like remodeling a kitchen!!

2 thoughts on “An Unplanned Project

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