We Bought the Farm

We did it.  We bought the farm!  Well, at least our plan is to turn things into a small farm.  Right now, our current farm animals consist of Luna, our cat, and Sherry, the horse who came with the place.  We are officially moved in and progress has started on the new FETCH RANCH.

We’ve been here for about a week and half now and are slowly but surely getting settled.  There is some construction that needs to be done and some of it we’ve already started….more on that later.

Moving is definitely NOT fun and I have done it far too many times in my life to even count.  However, there is something refreshing about cleaning out, getting organized, and making some exciting changes.  We plan to update our blog along the way, posting lots of photos of the progress as well as keeping up with the usual happenings around here.  In the meantime, here is a glimpse of some of the reasons we chose to move to an older home away from the city on five acres…

3 thoughts on “We Bought the Farm

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