An Unplanned Project

When we agreed to buy our new home, we knew we were in for lots of projects and renovations.  The house was built around 1987 and just needs a lot of updating.  The layout is great and of course we love the land, but we plan to do some things to make it feel more like us.  What we didn’t plan for was an unforeseen project that would have to be tackled on our FIRST day in the house….yes, the very day after we closed.  Here’s your first clue…


Yeah, doesn’t that look like fun?  Turns out not only did the septic tank need to be pumped, we were also in need of a new drain field.  We are now far more knowledgeable about drain fields and septic tanks than we ever dreamed.  So, to recap our stay in the new house thus far…DAY 1, pump.  DAY 2, dig.  DAY 3, gaze at big pile of dirt in back yard.

septic collageHopefully, that’s the last of the unplanned projects for awhile.  That was a doozie!  Now on to more fun things like remodeling a kitchen!!


We Bought the Farm

We did it.  We bought the farm!  Well, at least our plan is to turn things into a small farm.  Right now, our current farm animals consist of Luna, our cat, and Sherry, the horse who came with the place.  We are officially moved in and progress has started on the new FETCH RANCH.

We’ve been here for about a week and half now and are slowly but surely getting settled.  There is some construction that needs to be done and some of it we’ve already started….more on that later.

Moving is definitely NOT fun and I have done it far too many times in my life to even count.  However, there is something refreshing about cleaning out, getting organized, and making some exciting changes.  We plan to update our blog along the way, posting lots of photos of the progress as well as keeping up with the usual happenings around here.  In the meantime, here is a glimpse of some of the reasons we chose to move to an older home away from the city on five acres…

Teen Talk Round 1

Teens and pre-teens can be quite comical, sometimes without even trying.  We decided to document some of the more humorous exchanges so we can remember them as the kids grow…and maybe tease them down the road.  Although Jason has some doozies at times, this Round 1 of Teen Talk consists of conversations with Jessa and Joel (and one of Jessa’s friends managed to find her way on the list too…)

Jessa, while researching an inventor from the 1800’s:  “Did you know William James Morrison had a Facebook page?”

(Probably not the same William James Morrison from the 1800’s.)

Jessa: “Are we having any sides with our pizza?”

Em:  “Sure.  What kind of side do you think we should have?”

Jessa:  “Bread.”

Em:  “Sweetie, pizza is bread…with tomato sauce and cheese.”

Jessa:  “Oh.”

Jessa:  “Is New York a city?”

Dad:  “Yes, but it’s also a state.”

Jessa:  “Does it have lots of buildings?”

Dad:  “The city does, but the state has lots of land too.”

Jessa’s friend:  “I’ve been to New York.  It’s just like Tennessee.”

Dad:  “Um yeah.  It’s just like that.”


Em:  “What are you doing?”

Jessa, while rewinding a tv show:  “Fast forwarding in reverse.”

Joel, upon seeing only veggies on his plate for dinner:

“Where’s the meal?!”

Dad:  “Joel, what do you need to complete your assignments?”

Joel:  “I don’t know.”

Dad:  “Joel, what do you need to complete your assignments?”

Joel:  “I need to know things.”

Dad:  “Joel, what do you need to complete your assignments?”

Joel:  “I need to get what I don’t know.”

Dad to Em:  “Please email his teacher and tell her Santa isn’t coming unless Joel completes his assignments.”

While attempting to work on Joel’s table manners…

Joel:  “Is a spork part of fine dining?”