Anniversary Weekend

Our first anniversary occurred over the weekend and to celebrate we took a little weekend getaway to Amelia Island, Florida.  What a beautiful place!  We left our house early Saturday morning and headed north about two and a half hours.  Before heading to our beachside resort, we stopped at a little farmer’s market and browsed through some cute little shops.  Then we located the downtown historic district and did more shopping and site-seeing.  We found a delicious place for lunch and picked up several trinkets during our shopping extravaganza.

After lunch, we finally headed over to our hotel and got settled in.  The weather was a little less than desirable…that is to say it was a little chilly by Florida standards and incredibly foggy.  Visibility was about 0.2 miles according to the local weather report.  This meant our ocean view was pretty much nonexistent.  I kept waiting to take a picture of our pretty view but it just didn’t materialize.  We headed out to the beach any way since this particular area is known for an abundance of sharks’ teeth!  Fun!IMG_2155
IMG_2159Can you see how foggy and misty it was?  Maybe this picture of a wedding occurring in the afternoon will help clarify the dreariness of it all.  We had perfect weather for our outdoor wedding last year, so we were feeling pretty sorry for these folks.

IMG_2161And here’s our shark tooth hunting results…
IMG_2152 The beach was covered with shells.  Finding those teeth was like finding a needle in a haystack.  We had so much fun searching (even though our toes were getting numb!), we just didn’t want to give up.  Here’s what we ended up finding:
IMG_2164After our excursion, we went to a salt tasting.  It is apparently the theme at this particular hotel.  They even have a restaurant called Salt.  The shop had a large variety of salts, some infused with different herbs, scents, and flavors.  We purchased some black garlic salt and a smoked salt.  Later in the evening, we exchanged anniversary gifts and headed out to a wonderful dinner!
IMG_2171The weather the following morning was much nicer…

IMG_2178 So we went for another walk out on the beach.  We spotted these guys as we walked on the dock crossing the sand dunes!
IMG_2176And of course we looked for more shark’s teeth.  We quickly became obsessed with the hunt!  It was like a Where’s Waldo puzzle.  Wanna play?  Where’s the tooth?
IMG_2184Can you spot the shark’s tooth?
How about now?
Do you see it?  Maybe this will help:
IMG_2186Pretty tricky, right?  It was just this challenging in person!

We had such a fantastic weekend and a very memorable first anniversary.  Our gifts were very thoughtful and brought about a few tears.  We so enjoyed some much needed time together and we savored every single second of it!  Happy First Anniversary Honey!!

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