Merry Kiss-mas!

I spend far too much time searching around online for ideas…ideas for anything and everything…home decor, holiday ideas, DIY ideas, home plans, recipes, coupons, you name it.  A recent search lead me to some free printable labels that I thought were adorable, so I saved the link and decided to tackle the project today.

Here’s an idea for a quick and easy Christmas gift for neighbors, friends, teachers, or just to enjoy in your own home.  It’s even easy enough for a non-crafty person like me to accomplish.
All you need is a bag of Hershey’s Kisses (or other round miniature candy), a jar and these labels from  You can even order your own personalized labels from her site.  So cute!!
IMG_2123I printed the labels onto some sticker paper I purchased at an office supply store, and then just used my 3/4″ punch for each one.  You could use scissors but that would just be crazy.  Grab a coupon and head to Michael’s or Joann’s and invest in a little punch…you will thank yourself!  And so did I:  Self, thanks a bunch!  (If you don’t have sticker paper, print out the labels onto cardstock and then just use some double-sided tape to attach each one.)
IMG_2124Then just take those sweet little stickers and apply them to the bottom of the Kiss:
I used some bright red spray paint to paint the lid of a recycled jar, filled it with my newly embellished Kisses, tied a little twine around it and voila, Merry Kiss-mas!


IMG_2135And, yeah, like I said, you could present this to someone as a gift, but we’ll be keeping ours to devour all on our own!

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