Choosing a Front Door Color

We have had our house on the market for several weeks and over the weekend decided to give it a little more curb appeal.  Since we’ve only lived here for about a year, we hadn’t yet addressed much of the outside of the house other than adding some fruit trees to the yard and mulch to the flower beds.  While we don’t want to invest in painting the entire exterior, we thought that painting the front door with a more attractive color would really improve the appearance.  This is what we were dealing with:
old door blurNot too bad, but not too inviting either.  Here’s a closer look:
IMG_2105Blah, right?  We did some reading online about the best colors for selling your home and most everyone suggested keeping things neutral.  We did a really neat little trick to help us pick a color, and it’s super easy!  Take a picture of your house like the one above.  Print it out on a standard sheet of paper.  Then, cut out where the door would be.
IMG_2106Take this with you when you go to look at paint samples.  Then just insert different samples where your door would be and you can get a better idea of what it might look like on your house.  We tried several on for size, or um, color…
yellow door blurA yellow door is so bright and happy, but it is a bit overwhelming when paired with muted green tone of our house.
black door blurSince our door sits in a pretty shaded area, black just seemed too dark and dreary.
red door blurThis poppy red color is really enticing, and if we were going to stay here we may have actually gone this route – probably would have tried to match the hue of the orange-y bricks a little better – but we tried to keep potential buyers in mind and ended up going in this direction:
green door blurI know, it’s not quite as exciting as that red, but the olive green turned out even better than we expected.  Want to see the before and after?
AFTER DOORLooks so much better, doesn’t it?  Trust me.  It does!

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