A Time to Be Thankful

We are all very thankful for a happy, healthy household and are certainly grateful for our family and our time together….especially at Thanksgiving when we get to feast on lots of delicious food!  This year was no exception.  Our group was small this year (just the 5 of us!) but we made some wonderful dishes that everyone really enjoyed.  In fact, we’ve had the leftovers twice and have since been asked “Are there more?!”

Take a look at our spread:

And here’s a look at our hungry faces about to eat said spread:

It seems everyone has a favorite dish that means something to them.  For me, it’s my Grandmother Em’s pea salad.  She always made it at Thanksgiving and Christmas, so for me, things wouldn’t be the same without it.

I know, I know, peas aren’t everyone’s thing, but this tastes so much better than you might imagine.  The trick is to use a can of Le Sueur peas.  It just isn’t the same without this silver can of peas.  The rest is simple…drain the peas.  Add one chopped, boiled egg, about a tablespoon of mayo, 2 tablespoons diced sweet onion, salt and pepper.  Done.

Another thing that we all look forward to every year is my hubby’s pumpkin pie.  This year he decided to forego the canned pumpkin and used the little pumpkins we decorated at Halloween.  Remember these?

Well, they got UNpainted, baked in the oven, pureed and turned into this:

He made one traditional pumpkin pie and one pumpkin cheesecake pie.  The combo of those two flavors was ahhh-mazing!

Next time, we’ll put a little less cheesecake mixture in the bottom so there’s more pumpkin on top.  The fresh pumpkin made a big difference in taste.  We really felt like it was the best pumpkin pie ever!!  Not that we’re partial by any means.  Stay tuned…we’ll post the recipe for these two pies.

I love hearing what Thanksgiving traditions other people have and what favorite dishes have been passed down through families.   I’m thankful for having this blog to share our family’s plans, dreams, ideas, happenings and recipes.  But mostly, I am just thankful for my family.  Happy Thanksgiving!!

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