Date Day

Saturday marked our 11 month-aversary and to celebrate we laid out a couple of things that we wanted to do.  We started on Friday night actually with a sushi dinner date!  Then we headed back home and got to bed fairly early so we could get up at a decent time on Saturday and head out on our day of adventure.  Last week, Mr F looked up a Farm Swap that he really wanted to attend.  Keep in mind we have no farm (yet) but it seemed like fun to go check out the little farm animals so off we went to Barberville, Florida (about an hour north of our humble abode.)  My request was that we stop at any thrift stores we encountered along the way just in case we came across something amazing.  Here’s what Barberville had to offer:

Cute little goats.

Some chickens stuck in the ’80s (notice the punked-out mullet and leg warmers!)
A duck in a bowl.
Some bunnies. (This picture cracks me up….)
Farm humor.

Okay.  There weren’t really dinosaurs at the farm swap.  But, there was this menagerie of homemade yard art across the street.

We left the farm swap empty handed, with the exception of a few garden fresh tomatoes.  We have managed to harvest a whopping TWO from our fall garden, so we needed some extras to make salsa this week.  Then we were off to hunt down a few thrift stores on our way back towards home.

As we were driving along, we looked up and saw lots of (and by lots I mean maybe 50) things floating in the sky!  Mr F quickly exclaimed, “They’re skydivers!”  The view was pretty amazing!  I was yelling, “Pull over!!  I need to get a picture of this!!”  However, being in the middle of a busy road was not conducive to getting a spectacular photo.  When we tried pulling into the median, a veritable forest of trees jumped into the foreground of my photo op!  I managed to capture four skydivers.  The view with fifty or so was much more impressive.

As we continued along our drive, we Yelped a thrift store in the downtown area of the metropolis known as Deland.  We found a parking spot and began walking over to the address. We rounded the corner, and were met with this:

Yep, the people of this little town were all gathered together for a Veterans’ Day parade!  We found ourselves right in the middle of the activity.  Within about 5 minutes the parade started so we hung around for a bit.

When we got back to the car, my adorable babe said, “This is just like Ferris Bueller’s Day Off!”  Ha!  So true.  We happened upon a couple of pretty amazing things unexpectedly!  Oh, and it was a no-go on the thrift store.  It was out of business.  We ran a few more errands, then headed back to our cozy home where Mr F fixed a wonderful dinner for the two of us.  Such a delightful 11 month-aversary!

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