Fall Garden 2012 – 11 weeks

Our fall garden is in full swing!  We love having fresh produce that we have grown ourselves.  Not only is it incredibly rewarding and fulfilling, the produce tastes great and we know that it is healthy and lacking in the pesticide department.  We have not been lacking in the critter department however.  Over the last couple of weeks we have had frequent visits by a pesky mole and the birds have been enjoying our tomatoes (probably more than we have been able to!)

The mole is still busy building his underground tunnel system (remember he stole our beans!).  We haven’t flushed him out yet.  We are pretty sure he has a small city thriving right under our feet.

On a happier note, while trying to ignore our unwanted guest, we have had significant growth in some areas!  So exciting!!

Collards at 6 weeks.

Collards at 11 weeks!

We have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of broccoli.  It has proven to grow well here and is everyone’s favorite.  Well, we are super duper close to being able to enjoy these delicious beauties…

Broccoli at 6 weeks.

Can you see it?  Oh, just a week or so to go!!

At the last garden update, we had just added some Romaine lettuce and some Brussells sprouts.  The lettuce is growing a little better than expected, but we have seen little progress from the Brussells sprouts.

Brussells sprouts at 5 weeks.
Here are the Brussells sprouts today.  See that sand?  There is a really good chance the mole/destroyer has stunted their growth–note the amount of sand dug up around the plants.

Romaine in its first few days at its new home.
And here it is today just 5 weeks later.  Salad anyone?
(Notice that light green blob to the left of the lettuce?…keep reading.)

Now, about those birds we mentioned…our bird feeder got a tad moldy over the hot and humid summer, so we removed it, cleaned it out, and have yet to hang it back up.  So, I suppose those hungry (angry?) birds had no choice but to go peck-crazy at our tomatoes!

This isn’t even the worst of it. There are about 4 or 5 laying on the ground (check out the Romaine picture) and many more with entire sections missing!  We did manage to salvage a couple of good ones and there are few other hopefuls still reddening on the vine.

My husband’s parents will be traveling here for Thanksgiving.  We hope to be able to share our bounty with them while they are here.  Here’s hoping nature’s little critters cooperate!!

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