Pizza and a Yellow Belt

**Our thoughts are with our family and friends who have been affected by Hurricane Sandy.  We hope everyone is safe, healthy, and warm.**

Since getting our grain mill, we have been experimenting with different recipes in an attempt to get the best tasting bread.  Most recently, we tried a recipe for whole grain (freshly milled, mind you!) pizza dough.  It turned out great!!  The kids had fun rolling out their dough and creating their own pizzas and never knew that this is actually a healthier alternative to their typical pizza.  Sneaky, huh?

Jessa and her friend rolled out their dough and then added some cheese and sauce.

Joel looks like he’s contemplating a yummy pizza plan.

Jason made a cheese-stuffed crust pizza.  Yum!

And my sweet babe impressed everyone with his pizza tossing skills.

Don’t they look delicious?  They were even better than we expected…and whole grain to boot!  Luna was hoping someone would drop a little for her (I think she’s a dog trapped in a cat’s body!)

Later in the weekend, Joel participated in his belt promotion ceremony and was awarded his yellow belt for tae kwon do!  Way to go Joel!

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