Saturday Evening Post

Just a slight delay in getting these pictures posted!  It’s been a busy week.  Last Saturday, like most, there was quite a bit of activity at our house.  Jessa was getting her social calendar organized by planning a sleepover with a friend.  And the boys were anticipating Homecoming 2012.  This was Joel’s first big high school event and he was a big ball of excitement and nervousness!  As this is Jason’s senior year it will be his last Homecoming, so he was equally as excited but for different reasons.

Tying ties 101

The Fetch Boys

The Fetch Clan

Jessa thought it would be nice if she wore a tie for the photos too!

The boys had a great time at Homecoming.  Before long, Joel will be the senior in these photos showing Jessa the ropes for her first Homecoming.  She’s already decided she’s wearing a blue dress.  What a cutie!

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