Fall Garden 2012 – 6 Weeks

We are now at the 6 week mark of our fall garden adventure.  Some days, I feel like we could watch the plants grow with our naked eyes!  They seem to grow by leaps and bounds almost overnight!!

Collards at 4 weeks                                      Collards at 6 weeks

Broccoli at 4 weeks                                     Broccoli at 6 weeks

Kale at  4 weeks                                            Kale at 6 weeks

Tomatoes have made an appearance!  They’re small and green for now; we’ll keep our fingers crossed that they will mature into some bright red beauties!

We added some new garden babies to the mix…
Romaine                                                        Brussels Sprouts

Flat leaf parsley

Hopefully our new friends will thrive as well as the rest of the gang!  I am hopeful that the next garden update will include a glimpse at some fresh broccoli.

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