Don’t Make a Mountain Out of a Molehill

Don’t make a mountain out of a molehill.  Oh.  Yeah.  Sure.  That’s easy to say if the molehill, I mean HILLS, don’t happen to lie right smack dab in the middle of your thriving fall garden!  Seriously, Mr. Mole.  We have a nice big yard that you could have made your little hills in.  Go forth.  Explore.  Just please don’t do your exploration in our garden!

Molehill = Mountain

Multiple Molehills = Mountain Range

Not only are there mountains throughout the growing crops, that little sucker tried to pull one of our two bean plants (that we started from a mere sprouted seed mind you) down into it’s little village!!

It’s hard to see that it is being sucked down into the hole but this thing was standing at about a foot tall just yesterday!  It never saw the mischevious mole coming…like it was just grabbed at its little root ankles and yanked to its knees.

We’ve had mole visitors before.  We tried vibrating them out of the yard.  Maybe this was revenge.  Time to go research how to get rid of a mole humanely while really wanting to thwart his evil plan to destroy our little garden.


Gettin’ Fall Festive

People have said, “Oh, the humidity in Florida is just awful!  And it’s so hot, I could never live there!”  Well, you can.  And you should.  We make it through a hot and humid 4-5 months of summer-like temps to enjoy the 7-8 months of absolute perfection!!  A few cold days are thrown in just so we don’t feel left out of winter.  This weekend was one of those lower humidity, nice, breezy weekends….everytime we walked outside someone in the Clan would say, “Aaah!  It is so beautiful outside!!”

This break from the sweltering heat does help to get us in the mood for fall.  And just in time for Halloween we did a little festive decorating…

The BOO! print is from Anders Ruff.
The labels on the candy jars (which are just clean, reused jars I had on hand) are from Jessica at Pen and Paper Flowers.

These little guys are my favorite!  Mummy candles!  Too cute…and really easy.  I just wrapped some dollar-store gauze around some jars and glue-gunned on some googly eyes.  Insert tea light candle and done.

We planned a little family movie night last night and watched Ghostbusters.  The kids were cracking up at the quality of the effects.  They’re so spoiled with technology these days.  We made some popcorn and these yummy treats…

Apple bars – we never actually ate any of this because we were full from dinner, the popcorn, and these…

Wait for it….

So good!  Having never eaten a candied apple in my life, and certainly not one made by my adorable husband, I quickly concluded that they are to-die-for and are my new favorite!!