Where’s the Beef?

It’s in our freezer, that’s where!!

Last week we made our first purchase of a quarter cow.  How interesting to learn about the farm where the cow came from (grass fed happy cows) and then get a tour of the facility where the meat is butchered.  I will admit, we were a little leery at first to hear about or even see the place where our dinner was “prepared”, but after the experience, we feel much differently about it.

My husband spoke with the owner of the cow as well as the butcher’s wife prior to making our purchase.  Each time he got off the phone with them he raved about how sweet they were and was excited for us to meet them.  On Friday, we made our little trip to pick up our beef.  As much as we were looking forward to the fresh beef, we were equally as excited to meet Mrs. B, the butcher’s wife.

We called Mrs. B when we were on our way.  Just hearing her on the phone, we knew she was adorable.  She could have been our grandmother as she sounded so excited to see us!  She told us, “Now, blow your horn real loud when you get here and I’ll come out to meet you.”  When she approached our car, we thought she was just as cute as we pictured her.  She explained all about their family-run business that she and her husband have owned and managed for 46 years.  She gave us a tour and explained the entire process of how the meat is transformed “From Farm to Freezer.”  The facility was absolutely spotless.  We were expecting a little, um, residue, but there was NONE.  It was perfectly clean.

Here’s sweet Mrs. B explaining the process to us.  We fell in love with her.  She not only helps with the processing, she handles all of the record keeping, which was seemingly done solely by pen and paper.  Her desk was as organized as the rest of the place.  One thing I noticed was her cute signage hanging around her office.  It was uplifting and just made me smile.
“Think good thoughts!” I imagine in this line of work, this is a good daily motto!  On the bottom right corner of this little flag was an additional note (I’m not sure the cows would agree with this one, but we thought it was fitting):

And my favorite one, because it is commonly used by folks much much younger than Mrs. B:


What a great visit.  We learned a lot, found a new friend in Mrs. B, and our quarter cow found a home in our little freezer.

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