Lacto-fermented Ginger Ale

Okay, that title just doesn’t sound as appealing as the finished ginger ale product truly is.  I chuckle each time we mention lacto-fermented anything…it just sounds funny to me.  But ignoring the silly sound, this ginger ale recipe is delicious!  We’ve tried a couple recipes that we found online and just morphed them into one that suits our tastes and allows us to use what we’ve had on hand at the time.

We have been experimenting with kefir and here’s just one more project we’ve tried…

You will need a 1/2 gallon jug or jar to make this ginger ale.

½ c sugar (we use raw sugar)
1″ piece of ginger thinly sliced (use more or less depending on your taste; slicing rather than grating it seemed to make a milder ale)
juice of 1/2 to 1 whole lemon/lime/both
1 Tbsp kefir whey (you can make your own whey if you don’t have kefir available – *see below)
1 quart non-chlorinated water (just allow your water to sit out overnight to rid it of the chlorine, or you can boil it first; make sure to cool it down before using)

Combine all ingredients in your jar.  Put a lid on it.  Let it sit on the counter for at least three days, then place in fridge.  Once chilled, strain all solid ingredients, pour remaining ginger ale into a glass and enjoy!!  You can also add some club soda to it, but we’ve just enjoyed it on its own.

This is a picture of the ginger from our first batch.  We used a lot of grated ginger and it was ooh-la-la spicy!

We bought these cute glass bottles to put our strained ginger ale into.

A lot of pressure builds in our jars while the ginger ale is fermenting.  Keep an eye on them to avoid any messes.

*Make your own whey:  Put plain yogurt in a dish cloth or cheesecloth and allow to drain into a bowl overnight.  The liquid that results is your whey.  Read the yogurt label and make sure it has active cultures in it in order to create the whey.  Save the whey in a jar in the fridge for several months and use as needed.

We’ve had such great luck with our ginger ale that we decided to change it up a bit.  This latest round included a lemon lime “soda”.  Can’t wait to try it!!


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